Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training India
Immerse yourself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year!

85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in India

This inspiring and comprehensive 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course in India, led by Neha Ji, will include how to teach prenatal yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy, in an empowering way. Yoga is explored as a powerful tool for the preparation of conscious and holistic childbirth, and motherhood.

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To be a mother is a wonderful feeling, but it brings with it many discomforts. With Pregnancy yoga we can prevent and treat many of such discomforts occurring to the mother. Pregnancy yoga helps to bring off tension of your body as well as your mind. With Pregnancy yoga mothers can stay healthy and the nine months before the baby’s birth can be with lot minimal distress and unease. Even complications arising during and after the baby’s birth can be made negligible with proper Yoga practise. With Yoga during pregnancy mother’s can make their bodies more flexible and prepare their soft tissues for giving birth.

Also this helps to reduce labor pain experienced during delivery. Pregnancy yoga offers a lot to the mothers. It helps to put tension in a proper way on specific group of muscles which are stretched and the blood supply to the area increases. So this helps in relieving pains caused because of a particular group of muscles or area of body under stress. As the blood supply to an area increases it helps to increase the venous return as well. This means there will be less of fluid stasis which is very common in pregnant women because of inactiveness. Most mothers complain of back pain, may be during or after pregnancy. This is due to the bad posture they attain because of the increased size of abdomen. With different asana in Pregnancy yoga helps to maintain a proper posture and hence protect them from having back pain. Yoga also teaches breathing control. During delivery because of the effort the mother has to put in usually make them breathless. With Pregnancy yoga mothers can have a better control on their breath, again decreasing the complications they might face because of improper breathing pattern. It is highly recommended that you do Yoga under proper guidance and never overdo a pose.

Who is this course designed for?

Yoga teachers of all traditions, midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors, childbirth educators, and all women wanting to deepen their knowledge of yoga in pregnancy are welcome. This in depth program will give you a rich understanding of Yoga during the childbearing year and beyond. Educating and empowering women about conscious birth and motherhood creates conscious mothers which creates conscious babies, which creates a more conscious world.

Educating women about a conscious birth and motherhood is the most rewarding of experience. Creating conscious mothers, creates a more conscious world.

For 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certified teachers the credits of the course can be applied towards the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, and is eligible with Yoga Alliance. (Continuing Education Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Instructor).

85 Hours Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga TTC Course Fees:

$500 USD: 10 DAYS (Shared Room)

$750 USD: 10 DAYS (Private Room)

$300 USD: 15 DAYS (Online)

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Course Highlights

Course Includes

  • Free Pickup from Dehradun Airport
  • Accommodation with Attached Washroom
  • 100% Veg 3 Meals a Day
  • Special Dietary (Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free)
  • 8 Hours Classes a Day
  • Mult-style Asanas; Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar
  • Study Materials
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate (RYT)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24*7 Power Supply
  • 24*7 Hot/cold/normal Filtered Water

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction of Pregnancy Yoga and its importance.
  • Understanding of Menstural Cycle.
  • Infertility leading causes from both Male and Female.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Childbirth
  • Discussion on Three Trimesters
  • Yoga Practice on the Three Trimesters
  • Garbhsanskar
  • Diet and Nutrition

Beyond the Courses:

  • Pooja Ceremony
  • Kunjapuri Sunrise Trip
  • Paramarth Ganga Aarti
  • Yoga by the Ganges
  • Vashisth Meditation Cave
  • Live Music Concert
  • Day Hiking nearby Waterfall
  • Cooking Class

Yoga Benefits for Pregnant Women

Nowadays expectant mothers are seeking ways to keep their health and stay in shape during the pregnancy. Yoga prenatal classes are safe and useful for all women regardless of whether they are beginners or have years of yoga practice. That is why many pregnant women consider practicing yoga as a way to stay active and healthy.

The most beneficial of yoga is that yoga learns to breathe fully. Concentrating on breathing soothes the mind and body, helping the pregnancy to develop healthily.
Yoga prenatal trainings practice traditional yoga poses suitable for pregnancy in combination with relaxation and breathing techniques. A regular yoga practice helps a pregnant women combat with the urge to tighten up when she feels pain and relax instead.

Pregnant women usually suffer from significant strain on the lower back due to their increasing weight. Practicing yoga strengthens the core muscles and relieves back pain. Stretching exercises promote circulation of blood and oxygen in the body and improves sense of balance and circulation. Pregnancy can change the position of digestive organs that causing impeding digestion. Yoga facilitates to reverse this process and restore healthy digestion. Although there aren’t many restrictions during pregnancy, it is important to follow some general precautions during exercising and drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.

Any pregnant woman should remember that her growing girth affects the sense of balance and enter into yoga positions slowly and not to hold poses for a long time. When the center of gravity begins to shift it is recommended to perform any standing poses with the heels to the wall or use a chair for support to avoid losing balance and risking injury. Props such as blocks and cords can also be used while performing different poses for better stability. It is necessary to avoid poses that stretch the abdominal muscles too strongly because the pregnancy hormones that let the uterus to expand also loosen other connective tissue, a woman is under the more risk of injuries.

Such positions as Butterfly stretch; Cat-Cow; Squatting; Side-lying position are safe during pregnancy. Thus, Cat-Cow pose helps relieve back pain that is a general problem for pregnant women. Squatting aids to relax and open the pelvis and strengthen the upper part of legs. Side-lying pose is a good position for rest at the end of a practice. Yoga instructor will recommend suitable poses and guide a pregnant woman during exercises. Some researches have found that yoga facilitates the body overcome stress by slowing down heart and breathing rates and decreasing blood pressure which can be beneficial for moms after the baby's born. The benefits of yoga aren't confined only physical well-being. According to yoga instructors, taking a prenatal yoga class is a great way to meet other future moms and get in a friendly environment that will give a woman a regular emotional support and keep her motivated to continue exercising.

What included in course fee

Yoga Food


YTT India


YTT India

Opening Ceremony

Himalayan Trip

Cave Meditation Tour

Ganga Arati

All Classes

Bed Sheet

Pick up

Cleansing Kits

Study Materials

Closing Ceremony

Prenatal Yoga TTC: Course Overview

In Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training training we will cover:

  • The benefits of yoga in pregnancy and beyond
  • Asana: the most appropriate postures to support a healthy pregnancy, modifications of asana, contraindicated postures, and posture sequencing.
  • Teaching Methodology: appropriate use of language, voice, and gentle touch.
  • Pranayama: breathing techniques most suited to a healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • The effects of pregnancy on the body
  • The physiology of childbirth
  • Restorative yoga to promote greater relaxation and reduce stress
  • Meditation and Mantra to help mothers create a more positive birth experience
  • Understanding a “conscious approach” to conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and motherhood
  • Discomforts of pregnancy and how to address them with yoga
  • Semperviva will bring in a team of experts in the field of birthing and childcare including: Midwifery, nutrition, doula care, obstetrics, and osteopathy.
Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course : Upcoming Dates
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (Online) ------ (15 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (In Person) ---- (10 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (Online) ------ (15 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (In Person) ---- (10 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (Online) ------ (15 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (In Person) ---- (10 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (Online) ------ (15 DAYS) Book Now
  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga TTC (In Person) ----- (10 DAYS) Book Now


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